Secrets and Strategies for Successfully Reading Body Language in Every Situation

"A thoughtful and remarkable book. This year's must read nonverbal communications and human behavior. "-Joe Navarro, former FBI counterintelligence agent

A fresh, insightful, myth-busting guide to nonverbal communication in the post-digital age. Whether you're at a job interview, after-party, LinkedIn search, or swiping right on a dating website.

"What you think you know about body language? Probably lies... Bowden and Thomson share a simple, tested process to help you figure out what's really going on with that other person, in business and in life. "-Michael Bungay Stanier, Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author

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"TRUTH & LIES clears a path to clarity and focus."-Scott Rouse, body language analyst, and military interrogation trainer

Mark Bowden

Voted the number one body language professional in the world by Global Gurus, is a renowned thought leader in the field of nonverbal communication, advising presidents and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and G7 Prime Ministers.

Tracey Thomson

Co-founder of TRUTHPLANE, advises the world’s top companies and individuals on their biggest questions around communication and body language. Her background is in directing and training performers internationally in the psychology of movement.